My name is Paul, I have been designing for more than 25 years. I started my working life in Menorca, Spain as a designer for a Menorcan clothing and promotional company in Es Castell.

After working for nearly 10 years there I felt I needed a change so I moved back to the UK and started working with a number of different 'Blue Chip' companies. I now work as a freelancer and help run a few small companies. You can see some of my work go to may Behance page or portfolio page. Please contact me by using the form below.

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My Passion

I have always been a Graphic Designer straight from college. I love anything to do with design, from architecture to clothing design. Below is a little more information about my work.


Just a few of the clients I have worked with over the years.


Corporate Design

I'm lucky to work with some of the biggest corporate companies in the world, either direct or in directly. My experience goes back decades, I have been around through the rapidly changing styles of design. I also do signage and large format design for hoardings, shops, Uni's and even The Houses of Parliament


Web Design & App Design

I have actually lost count how many websites I have made over the years. Some are in process of being finished some have been long finished, I always offer to look after the sites after the build so my client has no worries about updating and SEO. I have designed and built a few mobile apps over the years aswell. For samples drop me a line


Clothing Design

My clothing design really started when I moved to Menorca in Spain. I was the designer for a Spanish owned clothing printers Pou Nou. Once a year we held a clothing design show around the islands where my designs were purchased in bulk by shop and business owners.


Candid Photography

Photography has always intersted me from an early age, always taking candid photos of my freinds and relatives. Now with the mobile phone it is much easier to get those shots that capture the moment. For samples drop me a line you will be supprised at what you can achieve with your phone.



In the beggining I did a few wedding videos (including my brothers) not that they were award winning but it was a start. I came up with the idea of a video to show a day in the printers (ABC Imaging) after story boarding the video on a flight back from New York within three days I had got the video shot and started getting it edited, that was four years ago. A new video is on its way.


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